Legislative Action

Political Action has long been an activity of Federation members at the local, state, and national levels and just because you're retired it doesn't mean that you should give up that role. The importance of political action cannot be understated in terms of protecting the interests of retirees and seniors both in Michigan and in Washington.

We encourage you to become politically active by becoming knowledgeable about the issues and candidates. We encourage you to write to your state legislator or national representative and express your views and concerns. Support the candidates of your choice through volunteering, contributing money and by casting your ballot.

To help you if this effort we encourage you to contact the following sites for information and news:

AFT Michigan Capitol Report
A monthly update on legislation in Lansing and information regarding school related issues and pensions. Sent to local presidents monthly, and available to all members and retirees on the AFT Michigan website.
Go to the current Capitol Report

AFT Michigan Legislative Action Center
The Legislative Action Center includes Advocacy Campaigns on current crucial legislation, and allows you to contact your state or US representative directly via e-mail on these issues. Advocacy Campaigns are generated by our staff in Lansing and the AFT in Washington. Many of these are of vital concern to retirees.

In addition to our Advocacy Campaigns, The AFT Michigan Legislative Action Center provides several tools in addition to making it easy to send an e-mail directly to your elected leaders on key issues You can find your congressional representative using your zip code; view congressional schedules; and your representative's and senators' voting record. Familiarize yourself with the tools available at the AFT Michigan Legislative Action Center for a variety of both state and national issues of concern to retirees, educators and citizens.
Go to the AFT Michigan Legislative Action Center for current Advocacy Campaigns.

AFT Michigan Get Active Center
Join the AFT Michigan Activist Network to receive action alerts on current legislative Advocacy Campaigns and other current legislative news. Join a group of your union sisters and brothers from AFT Michigan locals all across Michigan who care about politics and being involved in the legislative process lobbying for our issues. Join the AFT Michigan Activists List! You will be asked to fill in a brief form, and you will begin receiving e-mail updates regarding legislative action, direct links to letters you can e-mail members of the legislature, and notices about upcoming events and activities. t takes just a minute to sign-up and you may leave the list at any time, you control your membership.
Go to the AFT Michigan Get Active Center to sign up. You may leave the list at any time.

If you have already signed up for the AFT Michigan Retiree Bulletin, you are also receiving mailings from the AFT Michigan Activist List. You may leave either list at any time.