Retirement Planning


You are thinking about or actively planning on retiring in the near future. Retiring is a fairly simply process if you have all of the information and paper work you need to complete the process. The Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) can provide all of this information for you. The following information is available directly from the MPSERS website.

On front page of the MPSERS site:
Whats New - Provides recent changes and updates to retirement programs and benefits.
Frequently asked Questions - Answers many of the questions you might have about retirement.

Follow these links from the MPSERS front page:

Retirement Planning - MPSERS checklist for retirement preparation.

Benefit Estimator - Fill in the numbers and it will calculate the amount of your pension benefits for the various options you may choose.

Purchasing Service Credit - Provides you to cost of purchasing up to five (5) years of service time for retirement.

Publications and Forms - MPSERS will send you the forms that you need to retire. Many commonly requested forms are also available for download here. The free Adobe Acrobat Viewer is required to view and print forms on the website.

Pre-Retirement Information Meetings (PRIMS) - Provides you a schedule of all pre-retirement meetings being hosted by MPSERS.

Contact ORS - Office of Retirement Services which handles all pension payments to retirees. Contact agency for all changes in your retiree status.

Public Schools Retirement Act - Copy of the current retirement laws.